Dedicated to working Institute-wide to improve the productivity, accessibility, and sustainability of the world's water and food systems, the Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab (J-WAFS) coordinates the efforts of MIT's faculty, labs, and centers to work towards solutions for water and food security that are environmentally benign and energy-efficient.  J-WAFS supports technology innovation and basic research activities by motivating, accelerating, and coordinating research in water and food being conducted at MIT, in particular by stimulating interdisciplinary research.  

Research funded by J-WAFS draws on a number of disciplines that span all five schools at the Institute.  We seek innovative and translational research projects that can effect meaningful, perhaps even measurable, changes on the world at large, as well as regionally appropriate solutions, whether for fast-growing megacities or for the rural developing world.  

Through the J-WAFS Research Affiliate program, we provide sponsored research support for emerging technologies and support for educational activities on campus around water and food, as well as industry access for students and researchers in order to create a synergistic space in which conduct research aimed at solving real-world problems.

Funded Projects
Grant Opportunities

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