Student Engagement

Central to J-WAFS’ mission is the cultivation of the next generation of leaders in the water and food sectors

Through funding opportunities, events, support for clubs and entrepreneurship, and mentorship, we endeavor to expose students across the Institute to exciting research, networking, and professional opportunities in water and food.

Examples of our work in this area

“J-WAFS provided me the freedom to explore both fundamental physics and materials engineering to push the water sorption limit of hydrogels. I got opportunities to collaborate with chemists and computational scientists to not only understand the mechanics and thermodynamics that govern the water sorption of hydrogels, but also explore versatile manufacturing techniques to fabricate the designed hydrogel on a large scale.”

—Shaoting Lin, Postdoc in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and researcher on a J-WAFS seed grant project "Smart porous hydrogels for atmospheric water harvesting" with Professors Xuanhe Zhao and Gang Chen

Headshot of Shaoting Lin