MIT Student Clubs 

J-WAFS-supported student clubs provide members of the MIT student community the opportunity for networking and professional advancement through events focused on water and food systems topics.

MIT Water Club logo

The MIT Water Club

The Water Club is a student group that supports and promotes the engagement of the MIT community in water sector-related research, innovation, activism, and networking.  The group organizes conferences, lectures, research showcases, outreach events, and entrepreneurship competitions, including the high-profile annual events, the MIT Water Innovation Prize and the MIT Water Summit

J-WAFS is a sponsor of the Water Club and also provides mentorship to the leadership team and participates in their events as speakers, judges, etc. The club is also supported by J-WAFS' research affiliate, Xylem, Inc.

Water Club members speaking to youth about water quality

MIT Water Club members educating young people about water quality.  
Credit: Archana Apte



Food and Ag club logo

The MIT Food and Agriculture Club

This student group is focused on supporting and promoting the engagement of the MIT community in food and agriculture sector-related topics. The group produces events and programming focusing on innovative technology and business solutions, and connects people who are passionate about food and agriculture within and beyond the MIT community. 

The club's highest-profile event, the Rabobank-MIT Food and Agribusiness Innovation Prize, is a student business plan competition produced in partnership with J-WAFS and funded by an annual gift from Rabobank. J-WAFS provides mentorship to the club's leadership team and participates in their events as speakers, judges, etc.

2018 Food and Ag club leaders

Members of the leadership team of the 2018 MIT Food and Agriculture Club. (Left to right: Faina Rozental, Kendra Kuppin, and Lee Stroman). 
Credit: Andi Sutton