Promoting Technology and Commercialization

J-WAFS supports the development of technologies, products, and services that promote the safety, accessibility, and sustainability of the world’s water and food supplies

A shared sense of urgency and obligation drives MIT students’ and faculty’s search for solutions to global-scale challenges. Add to this the entrepreneurial spirit that is at the core of MIT culture and you get an environment that is particularly well suited for the development of new, innovative products, services, and business models. J-WAFS’ role in MIT’s fertile innovation ecosystem is to help direct these efforts toward solving water and food challenges. From funding and mentorship that supports commercialization efforts to innovation prizes and implementation grants, J-WAFS supports the development of impactful new products and services that will help ensure that the water and food needs of our human community can be sustainably met now, and into the future.

Examples of our work in this area

"Our involvement with the J-WAFS Solutions Program has been vital. It has provided us with a bridge between the academic world and the business world and allowed us to perform more detailed work to create a useable application."

—Timothy Manning Swager, John D. MacArthur Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, MIT

Tim Swager portrait