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Devashish Gokhale looking at the camera smiling, with dark hair and a red shirt

Devashish Gokhale

  • 2022-23 Rasikbhai L. Meswani Fellow for Water Solutions
  • 2023 J-WAFS Travel Grantee
  • PhD candidate
  • Department of Chemical Engineering

Devashish Gokhale is a PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT. Before joining MIT, he completed a Bachelor of Technology degree with honors in chemical engineering from IIT Madras in India. His research involves the development of sustainable and reusable materials for water treatment, especially focusing on the elimination of emerging contaminants or micropollutants from water through cost-effective processes.

Devashish has worked and interned in industrial research and development, process improvement consulting, and as a volunteer K-12 teacher. A member of the leadership team of the MIT Water Club, Devashish is passionate about sustainability and sustainable development. He also greatly enjoys mentoring undergraduate researchers and is continuously inspired by his team.

Headshot photo credit: Pavan Inguva