Student Fellows

Portrait asian man with smiling face and short black hair

Chun Man Chow

  • PhD Candidate
  • 2020-2021 J-WAFS Fellow for Water Solutions
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

Chun Man Chow is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT. He grew up in Hong Kong, where he developed interest in environmental and water issues. As an undergraduate, he studied environmental engineering science and chemical engineering at UC Berkeley, after which he spent a year at the University of Cambridge, UK under the Churchill Scholarship. At MIT, he focuses on developing novel separation processes for environment, health, and industrial applications. He was previously a Tata fellow and worked under Prof. T.A. Hatton (Chemical Engineering) on an electrochemical adsorption system using redox-active polymers for water treatment. His current work under Prof. R.N. Karnik (Mechanical Engineering) focuses on nanoporous graphene membranes. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, sketching, sailing in the Charles River, reading/thinking about global poverty and sustainable development, and supporting public outreach on water research and water challenges through the MIT Water Club.