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Aditya Ghodgaonkar standing in a lab facing camera with arms folded, smiling and wearing glasses

Aditya Ghodgaonkar

  • PhD candidate
  • 2022-2023 Rasikbhai L. Meswani Fellow for Water Solutions
  • 2022 J-WAFS Travel Grantee
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

Aditya Ghodgaonkar is a mechanical engineering PhD candidate in the Global Engineering and Research Lab at MIT, where he advised by professor Amos Winter. His research focuses on design and field testing of drip irrigation hydraulic components that could support the development of water-efficient irrigation systems that are off-grid, inexpensive and require minimal farmer maintenance. He is currently exploring how to design drip irrigation emitters that are resistant to sand clogging through passive hydrodynamic filtration. He aims to do so by seeking inspiration from marine fauna such as manta rays, and turbomachinery concepts. 

Aditya received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from RV College of Engineering, located in his hometown of Bangalore, India. He then moved to the U.S. and received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University. Outside of research he is an avid maker, serving as a mentor in the MIT Makerworks. He enjoys teaching and has TA’ed for 2.007 (Design and Manufacturing I) and UG Fluid Mechanics (Purdue). He is also a member of the MechE REFS (resources for easing friction and stress). He often spends evenings running or biking.

Headshot photo credit: Nina Petelina