Corporate, Foundation, and Institutional Partners

Corporate, Foundation, and Institutional Partners

J-WAFS Research Affiliate Program

The J-WAFS Research Affiliate Program is an opportunity for corporate partners and others to engage with a broad cross-section of J-WAFS activities. Research affiliation provides a closer connection to MIT’s research and education efforts around food and water.

Research Affiliates engage in direct sponsored research with MIT faculty.  In addition, they support: general seed funding for research and technology development; graduate students working on water and food related topics; and broader integrative J-WAFS activities such as workshops, conferences, and studies. In addition, benefits include: access to MIT faculty, researchers, and students; opportunities to target research seed grants toward topics of direct interest to the sponsor; student recruitment; opportunities for placing personnel in MIT labs with a faculty sponsor; networking; and early access to research directions and outcomes through organized campus visits and an annual research colloquium. The J-WAFS Research Affiliate Program is central to our effort to create a synergistic space in which to work on solving real-world problems.

To learn more about the J-WAFS Water and Food Security Research Affilate Program, please contact us at jwafs at mit dot edu or 617-324-6726.

Sponsored Research

Industry and universities can combine resources and exploit respective abilities and knowledge bases, creating a synergistic space in which to work on solving real-world problems. Industry’s commercial expertise and first-hand knowledge of technology use, needs, and issues are important contributors to defining many of the research problems and engineering challenges that MIT labs focus on. Faculty, researchers, and students apply knowledge, research skills, and creative/inventive talent to address these problems. Both parties have a direct interest in research that results in the creation or advancement of technologies or other means of addressing problems at the public/private interface. Water and food security presents many challenges that can benefit from the combined resources and knowledge of MIT and its industry partners.

Currently over 700 companies are working with MIT faculty and students on projects of mutual interest., and MIT has vibrant patenting/licensing activity, with 678 new invention disclosures in FY13.

If your company is interested in pursuing opportunities for sponsored research in areas of water and food, please contact us at jwafs at mit dot edu or 617-324-6726.

Foundation and Government Support

Philanthropic foundations and governments at all levels are increasingly concerned with the rising challenge of feeding a growing population and securing a safe, accessible, and adequate water supply. Research at MIT focuses on many of the kinds of issues that are of primary interest, such as development, technology dissemination and scale up, urban design and infrastructure, and new market approaches, and encompasses simulation and modeling, economic and policy analysis, and capacity building. Additionally, with its exceptional convening power, MIT excels as a conference and workshop organizer.

To learn more about how foundations can support J-WAFS research projects and programs, please contact Lindley Huey, Executive Director, MIT Office of Foundation Relations, at (617) 253-6162 or lindley at mit dot edu.

Regional Partnerships

J-WAFS frames broad, high-level questions in science and engineering and then coordinates the efforts of MIT's faculty, labs, and centers to work towards solutions for water and food security that are environmentally benign and energy-efficient. We do so by drawing on a range of disciplines that span all five schools at the Institute. J-WAFS is particularly interested in partnering with other institutions, foundations, industry, and governments to develop regionally appropriate solutions, whether for fast-growing megacities or for the rural developing world. These partners around the world can help develop and implement new water and food technologies and approaches in the context of their own interests and challenges. For each regional partnership, J-WAFS will develop a range of collaborative research and education activities tailored to the particular challenges, needs, and resources of the partner institutions.

If you are interested in developing or joining a regional partnership with J-WAFS, please contact us at jwafs at mit dot edu or 617-324-6726.