Direct Sponsored Research

Direct sponsored research is available through the J-WAFS Research Affiliate Program. This program offers an opportunity for corporate, government, or non-profit collaborators to directly support and engage with the MIT research community to pursue research for answering specific water and food sector challenges that are identified by the sponsoring partner. Sponsored research projects funded through this program vary in funding level and duration. Engagement between Research Affiliates and MIT researchers is coordinated through J-WAFS.

Eligibility: Proposals for direct sponsored research projects are typically upon invitation by J-WAFS, but open requests for proposals may occasionally be posted here. Since this funding opportunity does not typically use an open RFP process, J-WAFS’ leadership will personally reach out to pre-identified MIT PIs to create proposals.

MIT principal investigators from all departments, labs, and centers of MIT are eligible to participate in this sponsored research funding opportunity.  While an MIT PI must lead the sponsored research project, students in the past have benefitted from this research arrangement, gaining access to executives and leaders in the water and food sectors, networking with professionals outside of academia, and even securing jobs upon graduation.

Engagement between Research Affiliate partners and MIT researchers is coordinated through J-WAFS.

More about the J-WAFS Research Affiliate Program

The J-WAFS Research Affiliate Program leverages the world-class resources for which MIT is known. It offers a unique opportunity to directly support and engage with the MIT community to address your organization’s water or food system challenges through impactful research projects, technology commercialization, and student funding, mentorship, and recruitment.

Investment in MIT research through the J-WAFS Research Affiliate Program opens the door to strategic collaboration guided through executive-level relationships. With access to MIT researchers and resources, your organization can diversify its R&D portfolio, complement internal innovation efforts, and expand engagement with a dedicated and talented community.

Contact Longzhen (Longy) Han, J-WAFS director of external relations if you would like to learn more about collaborating with J-WAFS at MIT.

Current J-WAFS Research Affiliates