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GoAigua is a company leading the digital transformation of the water industry through innovative solutions that optimize operational efficiency and deliver economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Using advanced algorithms, GoAigua integrates data from all existing tools and technologies to provide a holistic, real-time view of the status of utility processes and infrastructure.

In 2020, GoAigua became the second member of the J-WAFS Research Affiliate Program. The collaboration between GoAigua and MIT is furthering research from both organizations in wastewater testing as a vital new tool in epidemiological monitoring and as part of the Covid-19 response.

The MIT team includes Eric Alm, professor of biological engineering, and researchers in the Senseable Cities Lab in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. The Alm lab is an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, computational biologists, molecular biologists, and microbial ecologists. The Senseable Cities Lab develops and deploys tools to help sense and study cities. Since March 2020, the team has been testing municipal wastewater for Covid-19. Their work has demonstrated that wastewater data precede clinical observations of Covid-19 by four or more days.

Wastewater testing offers complementary advantages to clinical testing because it reflects health at the community level, is not limited by clinical testing availability, and sheds light on both symptomatic and asymptomatic infections. Wastewater analysis to monitor Covid-19 is also a priority for GoAigua. The company has developed a wastewater-based epidemiology tool that can detect Covid-19 at the level of the city, the sewershed, and even an individual building. It has been deployed in more than 20 cities, capturing data from 10 million people across 1,000 testing locations.

"We are excited to be combining efforts with MIT… which leads the world in AI and data analytics research, to develop even more innovative tools for public health monitoring and response.”

—Pablo Calabuig, CEO, GoAigua

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