Funded Researchers

Sara Beery Headshot

Sara Beery

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Faculty of AI and Decision Making
  • Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Sara Beery is an assistant professor in MIT's Artificial Intelligence and Decision-Making Faculty. Her research focuses on building computer vision methods that enable global-scale environmental and biodiversity monitoring across data modalities, tackling real-world challenges, including geospatial and temporal domain shift, learning from imperfect data, fine-grained categories, and long-tailed distributions. She works toward increasing the diversity and accessibility of academic research in AI through interdisciplinary capacity building, founded the AI for Conservation Slack community, serves as the Biodiversity Community Lead for Climate Change AI, and founded and directs the Summer Workshop on Computer Vision Methods for Ecology.

J-WAFS-funded projects