Past Funded Researchers

Gregory Stephanopoulos

Gregory Stephanopoulos

  • Willard Henry Dow Professor of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Engineering

Greg Stephanopoulos is the W.H. Dow Professor of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at MIT and instructor of bioengineering at Harvard Medical School (1997-). His current research focuses on metabolic engineering — the engineering of microbes for the production of fuels and chemicals. He has co-authored or edited five books, more than 450 papers, and 55 patents, as well as supervised more than 140 graduate and post-doctoral students. He served as founding editor-in-chief of Metabolic Engineering (1998-2018) and is currently co-editor in chief of Current Opinion in Biotechnology. He serves on the editorial boards of 10 scientific journals and the advisory boards of five chemical engineering departments.

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