Resources for creating videos

Video production support information for members of the MIT community who are interested in submitting to the J-WAFS student video competitions  

Interested in submitting to the J-WAFS student research video competitions and interested in tips to improve your video production techniques? Please review the resources below. Note that, for the J-WAFS competitions, videos can consist of any combination of the student talking, images and graphics, animations, interviews, or any other techniques that are appropriate to convey the story of your research project. Note that we are more interested in accessible content and compelling storytelling than highly produced videos. There are various ways to produce your video that are low-tech and easy to implement. We welcome videos using production techniques that are anywhere from basic to advanced and everything in between.

Basic Tips and Tricks

  • This 20 minute overview covers the basics of filming, how to engage an audience, and best practices for video and audio quality. The focus of this overview is science communication. 
  • This slideshow by MIT Video Productions covers basics like how to film, choosing your set, interviewing, and file management. 

In-depth Resources on Video Tools, Shooting, and Editing