Past Student Fellows

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Lenan Zhang

  • PhD Candidate
  • "Honorable Mention", 2020 J-WAFS Fellowships for Water Solutions
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

Lenan Zhang is a PhD candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering where he works in the lab of Professor Evelyn Wang. His research combines the fundamental studies of heat and mass transport processes with the development of novel and sustainable approaches for water production and energy conversion. He is currently working on a multistage desalination system driven by sunlight in order to help communities in remote, arid regions across the globe meet their drinking water needs affordably.

Read this MIT News article to find out more about the solar-powered desalination device that Lenan is developing.

Learn more about the research in these published papers:

Ultrahigh-efficiency desalination via a thermally-localized multistage solar still, Energy and Environmental Science, 2020
Zhenyuan Xu, Lenan Zhang, Lin Zhao, Bangjun Li, Bikram Bhatia, Chenxi Wang, Kyle L. Wilke, Youngsup Song, Omar Labban, John H. Lienhard, Ruzhu Wang, and Evelyn N. Wang

Modeling and performance analysis of high-efficiency thermally-localized multistage solar stills, Applied Energy, 2020
Lenan Zhang, Zhenyuan Xu, Bikram Bhatia, Bangjun Li, Lin Zhao, and Evelyn N. Wang