Past Student Fellows

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Huanhuan Tian

  • PhD Candidate
  • 2020-2021 J-WAFS Fellow for Water Solutions
  • Department of Chemical Engineering

Huanhuan Tian grew up in a small town in Shandong, China. After completing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the Department of Engineering Mechanics at Tsinghua University in China, she joined the MIT Department of Chemical Engineering in 2018. She is currently working in the lab of Professor Martin Bazant to develop a novel water treatment method that uses “shock electrodialysis” (SED) to remove toxic contaminants, such as lead, from water. During her J-WAFS fellowship semester, Huanhuan will continue to hone this technology’s ability to remove toxic metals from water and will begin work designing bench-scale prototypes. Her experimental and theoretical work on lead removal from municipal water could lead to the development of an inexpensive small-scale point-of-use device.