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Gregory C. Rutledge sitting with a blue shirt and gray jacket against a gray backdrop

Gregory C. Rutledge

  • Lammot du Pont Professor of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Engineering

Gregory C. Rutledge is the Lammot du Pont Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT. He served as director of the Program in Polymer Science and Technology and executive officer in Chemical Engineering. He is a Fellow of AIChE, APS, and PMSE Division of ACS. He received the AIChE Braskem Award, Fiber Society Founders Award, Morton Distinguished Visiting Professorship (University of Akron), and Thinker-in-Residence (Deakin University). His research entails the molecular engineering of soft matter, with publications on process-structure-property relationships for polymers and the fabrication, properties and applications of ultrafine fibers. Prof. Rutledge is editor for the Journal of Materials Science.

Photography credit: David Sella

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