Past Funded Researchers

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Christopher C. Cummins

  • Henry Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry
  • Department of Chemistry

Christopher (Kit) Cummins' group research embraces chemical synthesis, reaction discovery, reagent development, and mechanistic studies. Under development are anthracene-based precursors to reactive intermediates including P2, aminophosphinidenes, SO, phosphinidene chalcogenides, and other heavier main-group multiply bonded species not stabilized by sterically demanding substituents. Group transfer reactivity is advancing in a parallel fashion. Ligands are being elaborated from P2 cycloaddition chemistry for catalysis applications. A building block approach to poly and oligophosphate containing compounds is gaining traction with reagents for tri and tetraphosphorylation of assorted nucleophiles. Transition-metal mediated processes for phosphinidene transfer to olefins are under elucidation towards development of a phosphiranation method, the phosphorus counterpart to epoxidation or aziridination. Synthetic sorties are complemented by quantum chemical investigations to illuminate potential energy surfaces and to reveal nuances of chemical bonding for novel systems. Phosphorus sustainability efforts are geared to uncovering energy efficient and waste minimal routes to value added P-chemicals starting from recovered and recycled materials.

J-WAFS-funded projects