News J-WAFS welcomes Rohit Karnik as new associate director

Professor Karnik joins the J-WAFS leadership team while continuing to serve on the faculty of the Mechanical Engineering Department. 

Carolyn Blais, J-WAFS July 27, 2023

Headshot of Rohit Karnik on the right with J-WAFS logo on the left and the words Welcome Rohit Karnik!

J-WAFS is pleased to welcome Professor Rohit Karnik as associate director effective July 2023.  Karnik will work alongside J-WAFS director John Lienhard and executive director Renee Robins to help shape J-WAFS’ research agenda and priorities. He will also support proposal review processes, project oversight, and interactions with corporate partners.  

A professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Karnik has been working on water filtration, desalination, and biosensor technologies for years. Applying expertise in nanotechnology, fluid mechanics, and separation processes, Rohit has led projects including the development of a wood-based xylem water filter and on-site sensors for foodborne pathogens.  

“As a long-time J-WAFS community member with a number of J-WAFS research and commercialization grants supporting his work, Rohit possesses a deep knowledge of J-WAFS’ programming and funding opportunities,” says Robins. “His dedication to solving issues surrounding water and food quality and his compassion for and collaboration with the people affected by these issues, make him the perfect candidate for this position,” she adds.

Karnik notes, "J-WAFS has done an amazing job at advancing water and food research at MIT, and its role is especially critical now given the considerable impacts of climate change on water availability and food production. I look forward to joining the dynamic team at J-WAFS under the leadership of Professor John Lienhard and Renee Robins, and to contributing to the mission of J-WAFS."

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